Kinds of Business Telephone Systems – A Simple Review


Generally, there are four kinds of business telephone systems, namely the voice over internet protocol (VOIP), the KSU-less telephone system, the key telephone system, and the private branch exchange telephone system (PBX).

All these telephone systems can provide the basic need of the business, and that is to converse with clients and to communicate and complete any transaction. However, if you want something more than that, then one should know the characteristics of each. Hence, here is a simple review of the telephone systems stated.

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) – this is an internet type phone. This is used by directly connecting one’s phone to the internet, DSL or cable connection. However, other companies or businesses still purchase a router that converts the signal of the internet for telephone use. Technically, your phone service is operated through you phone lines. Its features include voicemail, call waiting with caller ID, virtual phone number, number portability, and many more. This is perfect for small business with limited number of employees because of its low cost.

KSU-less telephone systems – It is also called a small business phone system because it is suitable for businesses having 10 employees or less. This is cost effective because it is cheaper than other key systems in the market. Also, it is easy to install and may be relocated from one business office to another. In addition, the KSU-less system are programmable and portable that fits the needs of a business. However, the disadvantage of this system is that it is not compatible with the key or the PBX system, as such, if you need to upgrade, it will be more expensive than the upgrade of the key telephone system or the PBX telephone system.

Key telephone systems – This is perfect for small businesses who are thinking of possible future expansion. Normally, the ideal number of employees for this kind of telephone system will range from ten to forty. However, even if you have less than ten employees, you may still opt to purchase this telephone system because it is cost-effective and will save you the trouble of installation and maintenance. In addition, you can bundle the key system with the PBX telephone system depending on the needs of your business.

Private branch exchange (PBX) system – the PBX system can hold more than 40 extensions and may be used by business with more than 40 employees. Unlike other telephone systems, the PBX system are more compact, flexible and will virtually handle all the needs of the business. It has better and more effective features than any other telephone systems. Also it is easier to upgrade and you can customize it according to what you need. However, since this system is the most advanced and has more capacity, it simply means that it will cost more than the others.

There is also the telephone hybrid system that combines the features of the key telephone system and the PBX system. This is done though a software program is installed in the system. It is not included in the general kinds, because as stated, it is only a combination of the two systems.


Source by John W.